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Proprietor of Taylor Violins

From an early age, Ben Taylor has had a broad, experienced and colourful evolution through the arts, his personal experiences and career.


Being greatly Influenced by a profoundly musical family on both sides of the proverbial 'Tree', he began as a guitarist and later moved onto playing the Double Bass, where he has achieved a reputation as a reliable and virtuosic addition to a variety of ensembles. Sometimes seen performing with some notable and distinguished musicians across a spectrum of genres, although predominantly playing in the Jazz idiom.

Almost in parallel to his musical endeavours, Ben, some would say 'surprisingly', began his journey as a Luthier in a family run business as a tree surgeons groundsman at the seaside town of Lyme Regis. This 'unsurprisingly' has given him a strong connection to the natural world and an advantagious knowledge of tree felling/processing and exposure to many different native and otherwise species of tree; an invaluable additional understanding of the wonderful material we call 'Wood'.

Ben did a short spell at College pursuing one of his many interests studying fine art, and having a natural flare for this achieved impressive results. This experience coupled with his music, carved a direct path to training as a Luthier, distilling the perfect amalgam of his interests in the visual Arts, Music and craftwork.

After attempting a few hobby projects in repairs he enrolled on a bespoke course on restoration at Chapel Violins, Newark, where he had the opportunity to work on fine old Violins and Cellos under the supervision of John & Paul Gosling, both tutors at the famous Newark international school of violin making. Impressed with his rapid progress encouraged him to take his work seriously and to pursue a career in the trade as a Violin restorer. 

Ben completed the course with exemplary results and relocated to Bournemouth where Taylor violins was established, since achieving an extensive portfolio of excellent work often on rare and valuable items for customers and from working within the trade.  The business has recently relocated to Southampton.



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