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Repair & Restoration

As a professionally trained Luthier I am able to 
execute sympathetic restoration techniques at a very high level of skill, taught to me by some of the finest and most experienced craftsmen in the trade.
One of my main objectives, and to obtain the best results when conducting restoration work on historical musical instruments, is to retain as much original material as possible. This can range from internal structural blocks, through shaving patches using original wood to the tiniest flecks of varnish, all to preserve the makers original concept, design, tone and signature markings throughout. This may seem a trivial and unnecessary pursuit, but with old instruments fetching higher and higher prices, a botched repair or ill conceived removal of original Wood/varnish can prove to have negative consequences to value (Many old and important instruments are testament to this). A good repair can also prevent other long term structural issues developing and may help with a future sale. It is also important, I feel, to have respect for the work of the craftsman and artists of the past and present by preserving their work.
I am able to Promptly and accurately calculate estimates so that they are unlikely subjected to change, provided to the client or for Insurance claims on behalf of the client.
I will give a time frame whether that be days, weeks or sometimes months for completion of work.
Occasionally I can provide a suitable replacement instrument whilst work is being conducted.

Examples of restoration and reconstruction procedures:​​​



  • New bass bar

  • Neck graft

  • Half edging

  • Edge replacement

  • Neck Reset

  • Crack Repair

  • Soundpost Patch

  • Through shaving patches

  • Fitting new Fingerboard

  • Re-graduation of table  (only in extreme cases)

  • Block and lining repairs and or replacement

  • Scroll and Pegbox restoration

  • Rib repair

  • Plaster Casts

  • Structural cleats and braces

  • Worm damage

  • Re-bushing of peg holes

  • Varnish/finish restoration

  • Cross Brace repair & replacement on Basses​

  • ​pressing sunken archings 

Bow rehairs and restoration are services that are currently unavailable, this will be provided in the near future.

Please scroll through pictures below to see a selection of some of my restoration work

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